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Did you know that DIY teeth whitening can lead to painful burning of the gums?

This is one of the reasons that Rashi Gupta, senior dental surgeon at Norlane Dental Surgery, recommends teeth whitening be done by a dentist.

She says that teeth whitening is an effective way of lightening the existing shade without removing any of the teeth surfaces; however, it needs to be applied correctly.

“Dentists are trained to be able to safely apply the whitening and protective agents, and monitor the process,” Dr Gupta explains.

“Applied incorrectly or inadequately, there can be painful consequences – such as burned gingiva (gums).”

Norlane Dental offers in-chair Zoom! Whitening, which takes about an hour – much faster than take-home trays. Part of the process includes an examination by the dentist to ensure the procedure is tailored to a patient’s individual needs.

However, if people still want to whiten their own teeth, the clinic has take-home bleaching kits with a lower concentration of peroxide to make it safer.

Dr Gupta says if used appropriately, teeth whitening is safe and effective.

“The most obvious benefit of teeth whitening is an enhanced, whiter and brighter smile, which improves your appearance and boosts self-confidence,” Dr Gupta continues.

More can be learned about teeth whitening by calling the clinic or emailing reception@norlanedental.com.au.

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