Experts on foot, leg pains

Give foot and leg pain the boot this winter.

With cold weather well and truly still about as the region enters spring, painful joints, old injuries and arthritic conditions can become more troubling and interfere with daily activities.

The experts at the Foot and Leg Pain Clinic recently addressed what can be done about these pains.

“Until recently the only options have been to put up with them, rest for extended periods, refrain from activities, resort to medications or in severe cases undergo surgery,” the experts at the Foot and Leg Pain Clinic said.

“But now thanks to the latest research and advances in medical science, along with experts such as those at Foot and Leg Pain Clinics in Melbourne, lower limb pain from injuries, arthritis and degenerative concerns could be a thing of the past.”

Foot and Leg Pain Clinics have developed a clinically proven system to assist people with common musculoskeletal and degenerative conditions such as foot, ankle, knee and hip pain, injuries (new and old), tissue degeneration, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and other soft tissue conditions.

“By combining the latest natural regenerative treatments, with load management strategies, targeted strengthening and conditioning and nutritional advice – the clinics have been able to help patients to alleviate pain, improve mobility and re-engage in activities,” experts said.

“They’ve even assisted some to avoid or prolong surgery such as knee replacement.

“Thanks to the latest medical research we have a better understanding of the body and how we can assist it to function better and heal itself. Combine that information with the latest natural regenerative treatments and we’re able to assist soft tissue repair, improve joint and tissue function and mobility better than ever before.”

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