Private gym’s training edge

Kim McConachy outside Nautilus Fitness.

Strength training in a public gym can be daunting but Nautilus Fitness owner Kim McConachy says it doesn’t need to be.

Nautilus’s private, one-on-one supervision eliminates feelings of intimidation.

Two 30-minute work-outs weekly is all you need to achieve strength goals, Kim says.

“We’ve got people who’ve never done a gym work-out who might be in their 50s, 60s, 70s, even 80s.

“They’re comfortable here, they’re not intimidated and they’re not daunted.”

Nautilus Fitness never has more than three clients working out simultaneously.

“You book your time and your work-out with a qualified trainer is over in 30 minutes,” Kim says.

“It’s ideal for people who’ve never trained in a gym and want to do strength training but don’t have the confidence for a mainstream gym.

“We’re time-efficient for professionals and busy people without time for a regular gym.”

“It’s a great strength training workout because we take care of it all. You don’t need to be going to the gym every day if you do it properly.

“It might not sound like much time but you’re not waiting to use equipment and have your time all booked and ready.”


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