Elton mimic rocketing in

ROCKETMAN: Elton John tribute artist Brenton Edgecombe will take on Geelong next month.

By Natalee Kerr

An Elton John tribute artist who has been impersonating the music legend since he was nine will perform in Geelong next month.

Entertainer Brenton Edgecombe said he became hooked on the rocketman after watching an Elton documentary as a child.

“After I saw that all I wanted to do was play Your Song so I got a book from the library and taught myself to play the piano,” he said.

The Adelaide-based performer said he was immediately attracted to Elton’s “full-on” performing style.

“The way he could command an audience was just so intriguing,” he said.

“It’s really quiet magical how one man and a piano can be so entertaining.”

The 51-year-old has since been performing his tribute show on-and-off for almost 30 years.

“I just love his songs, they resonate with me. It’s not just the music but the lyrics too,” he said.

“They are always a joy to perform.”

The classically-trained violinist has played in symphony orchestras in across the country, but he said singing was not always on the cards.

“When I was kid I actually wanted to be an actor, but then I got drawn into music,” he said.

“Elton was a part of that; he definitely inspired me.”

Edgecombe has seen Elton perform live twice, including at one of his shows during the 80s.

“I was overwhelmed the first time I saw him, he is such an amazing performer,” he said

“It was inspiring for me as an impersonator to see what he does.”

He said concert-goers can expect a “very entertaining” theatre show that covers Elton’s career from his first hit song, through the disco era to his music for The Lion King.

Edgecombe performs behind a grand piano, alongside cellist wife Jacqui, who does the backing vocals and percussion.

“It’s just the two of us, it’s quiet an intimate cabaret-style show,” he said.

Along with the music and a couple of costume changes Edgecombe also gives the audience a personal insight into Elton’s past.

“I talk about his career and some of the interesting stories in his life,” he said.

He said he was looking forward to playing in front of a “lively” Geelong crowd.

“We actually shot the Elton John tribute promo video at a Geelong show a couple of years ago,” he said.

“They were so into it, I have great memories in Geelong so I’m really excited to come back.”

Edgecombe will be at the Sphinx on 17 August.

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