Material girl gig

ROCKIN' MADONNA: Cover band Frequency are set to bring their Madonna show to Geelong this month.

By Natalee Kerr

Playing Madonna’s hits is something tribute rocker Joe Bazzano “never really” pictured himself doing.

But the lead guitarist of Frequency said he was “enjoying” channelling the “queen of pop” since starting the show a year ago.

“Musically it’s a challenge, I’ve had to relearn things and change my way of thinking. Instead of being a rock guitarist I have to be a more funky player,” he said.

“But she has so many hits that people enjoy and I just thought ‘why don’t we take this on?’ It was a no-brainer.”

The Melbourne-based cover band will play the Sphinx Hotel on 30 November for their final show of the year.

Bazzano said the Geelong performance will be the band’s “biggest” yet with some of Victoria’s “most elite” dancers set to join the group for the first time.

“The great thing about doing Madonna is that it’s not just about the music – it’s about the visuals and atmosphere,” he said.

Bazzano, who also works as full-time IT professional, said the show would feature “new” technology.

“There will be a live broadcast of the show on screens around the venue,” he said.

“So someone might be at the bar, or they might not want to be near the stage, but will still be able to enjoy our gig on another screen.

“I really wanted challenge myself to do things that no other local band can do on a technology level.”

Bazzano credited his new-found creativeness to a recent reformation of the band after the original members decided to part ways in 2017 following eight years together.

“When change happens it can be sad, but it can also be exciting,” he said.

“Once this new line-up started to develop I was able to integrate new songs and new technology which has been really fun.”

The guitarist recruited drummer Luciano, vocalist Jaiid and guitarist Ming to create a fresh new group.

“I knew all of them through different musical and personal connections and thought we would be a good mix together,” Bazzano said.

“We’ve been performing for almost two years now and it has been very enjoyable.”

After playing in Geelong for “many years” Bazzano said he was “excited” to return.

“I started out playing there when the original band got together. Geelong has been good to us over the years, so I can’t wait to get back,” he said.

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