Bay a top spot for snapper

Mav Bird with calamari caught at Queenscliff. (Supplied) 255769_01

Peri Stavropoulos

Inside Corio Bay is still continuing to offer some great fishing at the moment for both land-based and boat anglers as St Helens rocks and the north shore area still holding respectable numbers of pinkies and even some good size snapper.

Anglers fishing off the rocks are still dragging up some quality fish to the shore with snapper up to 5kg being caught – one of the advantages of St Helens is that you’re always in for the shot at a big fish.

Anglers fishing out of a boat are also having plenty of success on the snapper, the trick has been fishing a tide change and using a sounder to mark up the schools of fish.

The outer harbour has had some good reports come through of King George whiting holding in good numbers and seeming to be quite on the chew.

Fish ranging between 30-38cm have been getting caught, fishing straight off Hermsley in six metres of water has been a very productive area to fish.

As well as the whiting there are still a few squid on the go in closer on the weed beds.

Anywhere from 2.5 to four metres of water has been fishing quite well with Majorcraft Egizo jigs proving to be super effective.

The silver trevally run at the Queenscliff cut is still going strong with plenty of anglers finding themselves among a hot bite of these hard fighting fish.

Casting soft plastics on slack tide has been a deadly time and tactic to get amongst the action with reports of fish over 40cm being taken.

Anglers have also been finding themselves hooking into big pinkie snapper, salmon and calamari in there as well.

The Bight has still been the go to location for calamari, it’s been a great season on them so far with anglers finding some superb calamari cruising about.

The barrel tuna bite off Barwon Heads is still going strong with reports of a fish being caught nearly every day still.

Trolling skirted lures between six to eight inches is still the go with a variety of colours working well. 50-70 metres of water still seems to be where majority of the action is being held.

With the average size well over 100kg and plenty of reports of fish over 140kg, there is no better time to get out there and have a crack at them especially when they’re this close to home.