‘Tuna up’ for anglers off Ocean Grove

Peri Stavropoulos with a tuna off Ocean Grove. (Supplied)

The fishing this past week has been very productive for anglers fishing right along the region, with everyone keen to wet a line after the short circuit-breaker lockdown.

Inside the bay has still been fishing quite well for a whole host of species including pinkie snapper, King George whiting and calamari.

Pinkie snapper have been right through the outer harbour and on both sides of the channel producing plenty of fish.

Casting soft plastics has been very effective in landing large hauls of fish, with some models getting over 4kg in size.

Bait fishing should account for a few fish too but soft plastics just seems to be the go at the moment.

Calamari are still showing up in good numbers in close to Clifton Springs and around the boat ramp.

At times it can be quite the mission to find where they are holding but when you find them you should just keep plucking them from the pack.

Whiting still remain a popular target species around Clifton Springs also.

Like the squid, there is a bit of searching at times but when you do the fishing can be red hot.

Around the corner towards St Leonards has been a little more consistent with the whiting bite with a bit less moving required to locate where they are holding.

The Rip has really fired up this week with kingfish reports coming in crazy!

Jigging has been the most popular technique with jigs weighing between 150 – 250grams being ideal.

As for colour, they don’t seem to be super fussy but having a variety of colours and weights does pay. Dropping live baits down has been working very well too and live squid is definitely the go, just crank it off the bottom a bit to keep it away from the wrasse and stop getting snagged.

The tuna off Ocean Grove are showing no sign of slowing down with plenty of good reports still coming through.

Trolling small skirted lures has been working very well for a large percentage of boats.

The back of the foul grounds towards Torquay in 50m of water has been holding tonnes of fish but the trick is just to get them to bite.

Casting surface lures into the school during the day has been working very well , with poppers seeming to be very effective.