Plenty of pinky snapper on offer in the harbour

A bluefin tuna caught on a Gone Fishing Charter. (Supplied) 281848_01

Peri Stavropoulos

The inner harbour of Corio Bay yet again provided some great fishing for land based anglers or those in boats trying to escape the hairy weather this week.

Pinky Snapper have been in fantastic numbers with anglers finding great numbers of fish spread right across the region with plenty of quality in the size too.

Casting soft plastics around structure has been super effective with Berkley Gulp seven-inch turtleback worms proving a standout as it gets past the small picker fish that are hanging around.

Australian salmon, silver trevally and flathead have also made up for amusing and welcomed by-catch at the moment.

Yet again the turtleback worms are a standout, more so in the four-inch size.

King George whiting are still going ballistic in the outer harbour with lots of reports coming through of boats finding huge numbers of fish and at a quality size too.

Once again fishing the tides has been the best time to fish, however they seem to be biting just about all day.

Freshly caught calamari has been a pretty tough bait to beat of late and of course the humble pipi always accounting for a good majority of captures.

Offshore Barwon Heads remains very productive for gummy sharks and large numbers of pinky snapper.

The pinkies have been holding in large numbers inside the foul grounds off Torquay in around 40 metres of water and the gummies have mainly been cruising the 30 metre line.

Fresh baits such as squid and salmon are always a standout and also silver whiting has been working very well.

Fishing either side of a tide is the prime time to fish, especially for the gummies.

Down the west coast the bluefin tuna are still in fantastic numbers and Portland is on fire.

There are lots of reports coming through of boats getting amongst large numbers of tuna off Cape Bridgewater, anywhere from 30-50 metres of water.

Trolling small skirted lures and diving hardbodies has been the preferred method and choice of lures.

Barrel tuna reports have seemed to slow down a little bit but there are still captures being reported nearly daily right along the coast.

It’s just a matter of time until they bite hard again.