Six-day, 454km run for epic 55th birthday

ENDURANCE SPECIALIST: Hamlyn Heights' Saranyu Pearson completed a mammoth 454km run over six days in New York City. 193518 Picture: Rebecca Hosking

By Luke Voogt

Hamlyn Heights mother Saranyu Pearson began a six-day 454km ultra marathon run on her 55th birthday, as a present to herself.

“Running is a perfect opportunity to be at peace with yourself,” she told the Indy this week.

“It just makes me a happier person and when you’re happy you can offer so much more to other people. It improves my work and relationships with my family.”

Her birthday, on 2 May, marked the beginning of the Sri Chinmoy six-day and ten-day ultramarathons, where competitors run a New York City circuit as many times as they can.

Formerly a triathlete, Saranyu placed third out of all over 50 Australians in the event, beating her mark of 413km from last year.

“I’ve had friends doing this event for a few years,” she said.

“I heard about it 20 years ago and it took me another 20 years to have a go!”

Saranyu took her success at the gruelling ultra marathon in her stride.

“There’s a 75-year-old woman from Russia – she only did 4km or 5km less than me,” she said.

“I’ve been astonished by how inspired people are about what I do. It’s something you really don’t really comprehend as possible – until you do it.”

Saranyu is a veterinarian and has two adult children.

“I think secretly they’re proud of me but I think they think I’m a little crazy as well,” she said.

Saranyu joined 2018 Australian female ultra running champion of the year, Annabel Hepworth, 46, for the six-day race.

The Sydney-sider once again proved herself worthy of her title, taking out first place with an impressive 643km.

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