Clifton Springs upsets Surfcoast Bellbrae

LOCAL TENNIS with Donna Schoenmaekers

This week was round 13 for Tennis Geelong Midweek Women’s Pennant, and the matches in Section 5 were vital for all teams to secure points to give them the best chance at making finals.

Surfcoast Bellbrae, sitting at the top of the ladder, are guaranteed a finals berth with a 15 break on second placed Western Heights Uniting, however, did have a hiccup this week against Clifton Springs Yellow. Bellbrae had not lost a match since round one and started well, winning the first two sets, but Yellow countered taking sets three and four, although Bellbrae held a two game lead. Leanne Heath and Kenwyn Seiffert managed to take the fifth set for Bellbrae in a tie-break, but Vicky Winship and Sarka Vajbar took the sixth for the Springs 6-2, closing the gap and giving them a one-game advantage with sets tied at three all, and a vital two points for the win.

Western Heights also suffered a loss at home at the hands of Clifton Springs Blue. It was a battle between second and third, and a potential second chance in finals, and Blue closed the gap to only two points with one match to play. Blue played consistently all day dropping only one set, with Beverley Draper and Jenny Ealey leading the team winning their respective three sets.

With Hamlyn Park having the bye, the final match of the round was between fourth placed Grovedale, only three points ahead of fifth placed Portarlington. Both teams did well in the first two sets with Simone Ettridge and Tina Thorburn winning the first for Grovedale 6-3, while Callee Shembri and Robyn Farren took the second 6-1 for Portarlington. Grovedale took the lead winning the third and fourth set before Port countered winning the fifth, but Thorburn teaming with Jenny Finch won her third set for the day in the sixth, giving Grovedale the win, closing the gap on second to four points, and almost guaranteeing a place in the finals.

Next week will see Western Heights travel to Clifton Springs to face Yellow, Grovedale host Hamlyn Park and Portarlington to come up against Clifton Springs Blue. All three results will play into the final configuration of the four, and with results as close as they have been all season, there is plenty for all teams to play for.