In brief

Ocean Grove won the Champion of State Pennant Midweek Division 2 title. (Ocean Grove Bowls Facebook)

State champs

Ocean Grove is the state midweek bowls division two champion.

The Grovers defeated Frankston, Cohuna, Horsham City and Wangaratta and lost by one to Gisborne in the preliminary rounds and finished on top of the table.

They defeated Bendigo in the final, 48 to 29 at Moama.

The team comprised Casper John, Mick West, Alan Drury, Matt Flapper, Tom Warren, Garry Bowyer, Rod Brehaut, Tyson Cromie, Jen Le Cerf, Sue Collins, Patria McGrath and Jenny Keep with emergencies Faye Richardson and Basia Speed and manager Ian Donald.

Kettlebell comp

Geelong Kettlebell Sports Association will host its first Girevoy Sports Association of Australia Interstate Open on Saturday May 11.


Kettlebell is a power-endurance sport that requires athletes to work under a submaximal load, lifting their kettlebells for as many repetitions as possible in a given time frame.

Originating from Russia, the sport has grown throughout the world and has many variations, depending on the organization’s rules and competition formats. Three of the classical lifts are the jerk, snatch, and long cycle.

The event is at Lara Health & Fitness Centre, 1/158 McClelland Avenue, Lara and starts at noon.

Entry is free. More information at