Youngster’s climate plea heard in parliament

Corangamite MP Libby Coker and Evan with his speech. (Supplied)

Ash Bolt

The passionate plea of nine-year-old Anglesea boy Evan to take action on climate change for the benefit of the younger generation was given voice in federal parliament last week.

Evan’s speech, which called on everyone to “stop polluting this world”, was read in parliament by Corangamite MP Libby Coker as part of the Raise Our Voice Australia campaign.

The campaign aimed to increase the diversity of voices in decision-making bodies, like parliament, with Ms Coker receiving submissions from many younger constituents.

“I was so impressed by the standard of the speeches submitted by young people from cross my electorate. It tells me that we have an articulate, thoughtful generation of potential future community leaders coming along,” Ms Coker said.

“Evan’s speech especially caught my eye because it resonated with my own thoughts on protecting the environment. He touched on promoting renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and preserving our natural environment.

“Evan’s speech finished with a call to action – ‘please take action for the people of my age’. That’s a sentiment everyone, especially those with young children, would echo and support.”

In his speech, Evan said he was “worried about the world I am growing up in”.

“I think the best way to stop polluting is to do helpful things for our environment. There are loads of things we can do including making and using renewable energy such as solar, use of electric cars and building up not across,” he said.

“Renewable energy reduces the use of fossil fuels that create carbon emissions and destroys our natural seas and land.

“I think we should build up not across so we don’t continue to destroy our natural environment. By building up it means we don’t use up farming land and destroy more trees. Trees are important for catching carbon emissions.”