Learn First Aid and save a life this summer


Aussie summers can be harsh, and we know nothing derails summer holiday plans more than an unexpected trip to Emergency. Recognising the potential risks associated with the summer season, Australian Red Cross is urging more Australians to complete First Aid training in preparation for the summer months, when holidaymakers spend more time on the road, in the ocean and exploring outdoors.

From November to February each year, Australians face heightened exposure to summer hazards – including drowning, heat stroke, snake bites, jellyfish stings and motor vehicle accidents.

Alarming statistics from previous summers, recorded by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, revealed 20 times more hospitalisations for weather-related injuries and seven times more hospitalisations for drownings or submersion injuries, compared to the number recorded in winter of the same year. Unfortunately, fewer than five per cent of people in Australia are trained in first aid, one of the lowest rates in the world.

Ausralian Red Cross head of First Aid and Mental Health Training Wendy Greenhalf said the holiday period is a relaxing time of year for Australians but also a time when we all need to be ready.

“Summer holidays can present multiple hazards as holiday makers are typically in the water a lot more, spending more time outside, in hot temperatures, on the road travelling, entertaining or adventuring in remote areas,“ she said.

“Because of this, accidents and emergencies are more likely to happen during the summer months, however Australian Red Cross can help Australians learn how to respond effectively through first aid training, enabling them to feel empowered and confident in any situation.”

Andrew Clark completed Australian Red Cross’ First Aid training course in 2022 and recently put his skills into practice in a real-life situation.

“I was out at dinner and a family member started choking. I quickly remembered what I had learnt in the training and started giving him back blows in an upward motion, and after 5-10 seconds the food was dislodged. I can still remember the look of relief on his face,” he said.

Australians can get ready for summer by booking a First Aid course by Australian Red Cross, offered via virtual, blended or in-person course delivery.

Details: www.redcross.org.au/summer-safety/