Kia hatchback crime spree

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by Luke Voogt

Two men have gone on a month-long crime spree in a Kia hatchback, according to police, who have called for public help to track them down.

Police first spotted two men in the car on Iona Ave, Belmont, then bearing stolen plate TUU232, at 9.04am on January 3, when it sped off.

The car reached a “dangerous” speed when officers attempted to intercept it and the driver failed to pull over when officers turned on their lights and sirens, police said.

The same car turned up again in theft at a drive through bottle shop at the Peninsula Hotel, Moolap, on January 11, police said.

At 2.48pm an “unknown offender” drove the hatchback to the bottle shop and purchased a 24 pack of Cruisers with a stolen credit card.

At the time the Kia had the false number plates 1JO5AO and 1IX4GL, police said.

And a thief used the same car yet again to steal petrol from a Caltex Service Station on Fischer St, Torquay, on January 13, police alleged.

Just after midday the man filled the hatchback, then bearing false plates 1JX4GL and 1JO5AO, with $40 of petrol and left without paying, police said.

Police on Monday released images of the car and a man they believed was involved in the offences.

They urged anyone who could identify the vehicle or the man to phone Geelong Police Tasking and Crime Intervention Taskforce on 5225 3100 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

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