Police nab alleged speeder


Ash Bolt

A P-plater will face court early next year after he was alleged caught driving at more than 70 kilometres per hour over the speed limit this morning.

Geelong Police shared on social media that officers had detected the driver, who was a red P-plater, allegedly driving at 172km/h towards Geelong on the Surf Coast Highway early on Tuesday morning.

“Night shift community safety patrols detected the driver at 172km/h near Dickens Road at 1am this morning,” senior constable Stephen Pearson said.

“The driver had three passengers with him … which all amount to a serious safety risk.”

Under current road rules, red P-platers are limited to one passenger aged between 16 and 22 years old, unless they are family.

“The car was seized [and] impounded and the driver interviewed for speed dangerous and passenger overload,” senior constable Pearson said.

“In the lead up to this weekend’s road policing operation ‘Compass’ this is not a good start.”

The male driver was summonsed to appear in the Geelong Magistrate’s Court early next year.

Police will have a highly visible presence on the road this weekend ahead of the Melbourne Cup long weekend, with a focus on targeting the five major factor of road trauma – speeding, fatigue, distracted driving, impaired driving and not wearing seatbelts.