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Highton 19-year-old Jacob Martin this month completed his 1000th safe e-bike delivery. The Independent spoke to the Domino’s ‘top delivery expert’ getting pizzas to locals during COVID-19.

Tell us a bit about you.

I have lived in Geelong my whole life and I’m currently living in Highton.

I have a lot of different hobbies and as a child growing up I tried a range of sports including football, swimming, tennis, gymnastics and even Frisbee.

Funnily enough, the only hobby that stuck with me through to my teenage years was Frisbee, which I still play to this day.

I really enjoy the social aspect of it and the honest, friendly nature of the community and game itself.

When did you start delivering pizzas?

I started part-time at Domino’s Waurn Ponds in March 2019 when I graduated high school, to help pay for my upcoming university tuition.

I’m currently studying a bachelor of science at Deakin University, majoring in chemistry.

Have you always used the e-bike?

No, I actually started in-store helping to take customer orders and making pizzas.

When our store started to build up its e-bike delivery fleet, I let the manager know I was eager to jump on-board and begin training.

At the time, I had been riding my bike to and from school for the past year, which I really enjoyed, so being able to ride again at work felt like a bonus!

That was over six months ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Personally, I find riding very therapeutic and a great way to stay fit and active.

What’s the secret to being a good pizza deliverer?

The secret is being aware of your surroundings at all times, avoiding traffic by sticking to the footpath, and having a solid understanding of the delivery area, so you know which side streets to take.

What have customers been like during COVID-19?

Our customers have been incredibly supportive.

I have actually received a few tips whilst making zero contact deliveries – which always surprises me, as I never expect it!

A hot meal, friendly face and reassurance that a customer’s meal has been prepared taking all necessary safety precautions is more essential than ever before.

What’s changed about your job during COVID-19?

All of our deliveries are now ‘zero contact’.

We place the order on a safe surface at the customer’s designated delivery location, move back two metres and let them know their order has arrived via phone to confirm they have received their meal.

What has COVID-19 meant for your daily life?

COVID-19 has not impacted my personal life as much as some.

I’m lucky enough to still have a job, be able to do all of my university studies online, and to have access to virtual methods to stay connected with my friends and family during lockdown.

I feel incredibly lucky in that regard!

What’s something interesting about you that people might not know?

Believe it or not, I know all the flags of the world. You could point to any flag and I could tell you the name of the country it belongs to just by looking at it. I absolutely love geography!

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