Connecting job seekers with work

The Gordon Institute of TAFE has been awarded a contract to run the federal government-funded Local Jobs Program for the Barwon region.

The program, which is designed to support Australia’s economic recovery from the pandemic, will operate until 2025 and bring together experts, resources and funding to help the region focus on upskilling for new employment pathways.

Gordon chief executive Joe Ormeno said the program would “build on the great work already under way in the region”.

“Working in collaboration with key stakeholders, the Local Jobs Program will support the Barwon region’s current and future labour requirements, as well as provide job seekers the skills and support required to get back into the workforce or transition to meet the demands of our region’s growing industry sectors,” he said.

Two newly-appointed employment facilitators will drive the roll out of the Local Jobs Program, with focus on raising education attainment levels, increasing workforce participation through training and growing emerging industries through targeted skills development.

Skilling the Bay manager and employment facilitator Carley Brennan said the program would benefit the region.

“The introduction of the Local Jobs Program in the Barwon region provides our communities with a tremendous opportunity to better connect job seekers of all descriptions with jobs that exist now and with those that are emerging in our local labour market,” she said.

Training and reskilling opportunities are expected to include tailored non-accredited training, professional development, and job seeker mentoring, work experience, and employment pathway and internship programs.

Joining Ms Brennan as an employment facilitator is Tracey Jeffery, who will work with employers, employment service providers and training organisations to drive the development of a Local Jobs Plan.

Ms Jeffery will also support stakeholders to create targeted projects that meet the priorities of the plan, and work with organisations that apply for funding through the Local Recovery Fund to ensure employment opportunities are maximised.

The program will leverage the work of Skilling the Bay who, in collaboration with key stakeholders, is developing a Regional Skills Strategy to support a socio-economic recovery and the ongoing delivery of education, employment and skills initiatives.