Trees with all the trimmings

Pink Christmas trees are becoming popular.

Decking the halls with boughs of holly is all very well, but if you’re looking to shake up your yuletide style and set yourself apart from the rest of Geelong, there are plenty of options out there to inject some modern colour and sparkle into your Christmas decor.

It all starts with the tree, the focal point of celebrations. A real tree never goes out of style and also smells divine. Picking the tree is a ritual in itself (we all remember that scene from Christmas Vacation) and something that kids of all ages can enjoy. And with plenty of Christmas tree farms locally, you’re sure to find the perfect pine.

Real trees take some looking after. They need a constant supply of water so choose a Christmas tree stand that allows you to fill it with water. Keep the tree away from heat sources like sunny windows, heaters and televisions as these can dry it out prematurely. A blanket or tree skirt at the base will collect up any dropped needles.

If you’re after something more low-maintenance, with the added benefit of not having to spend money on a new tree each year, faux is the way to go. Perhaps 2019 is the year to embrace a coloured tree? White trees have been in vogue for many years now and are designed to remind revellers of that elusive White Christmas ideal, in the sweltering Australian heat. Colourful decorations pair well with white trees as they stand out against the neutral base.

Pink-toned trees have also become popular this year. Colours range from the prettiest pastels to hot popping pink. They’re certainly eye-catching and unique, and work well if you have a specific palette of decorations – for example, white and black baubles for a Parisian theme.

Take this trend further with an ombre tree. The gradient of colours, set with the right baubles and lights, can look simply stunning. Ombre trees are beginning to pop up online in shades of pink, silver and even black.

When it comes to decorations, the classic look of red, emerald and gold decorations remains evergreen (pardon the pun!) and adds a really festive feel to your home. If you’ve chosen a coloured tree, you might enjoy the rainbow effect of colourful baubles, or perhaps you can pick a theme of vibrant jewels that “go” with the base colour of the branches.

Baubles in pastels and neutral tones are ruling the racks at the moment, along with decorations made of natural materials, like wood, clay, sisal and twine. Clear glass spheres with shimmering threads of fabric inside are also appearing on shopping mall shelves, adding intricacy and interest. Oversizes ornaments – think baubles as big as your head – are a popular sight, along with non-traditional trinkets in the shape of birds, deer and even hotdogs. There really is a bauble to suit any taste!


* Get the family involved. If the kids want to throw some tinsel on, or add the plaster reindeer they made at school, let them! Christmas is a time for family, after all!

* Ensure your tree doesn’t become a fire hazard! Keep it away from flames and heat sources, and make sure any fairy lights are fireproof.

* You might want to consider your pets as well. Some animals will try and eat tinsel, while cats are notorious tree climbers. Think about how you can prevent this from ruining Christmas. Some creative souls are building minimalist-style trees out of bare branches and stacking or hanging their ornaments on them instead of opting for a traditional tree.

* Trees are a great way to express your personal style. Whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, a nature lover or have a more modern aesthetic, now is your chance to put your taste and passions on display. Let it show, let it show, let it show!