Answers sought over traffic noise

A promotional image for The Heights Estate.

By Luke Voogt

Traffic noise complaints from residents in a new Fyansford estate have prompted Geelong council to seek answers from state government.

Council on Tuesday night resolved to write to state government about traffic noise levels from the Geelong Ring Road in The Heights estate.

The resolution comes after council received a 220-signature petition from the residents last December calling for the existing noise wall on the major arterial to be extended.

Residents have raised ongoing concerns about excessive traffic noise in the estate, which they say is affecting the area’s liveability and atmosphere.

Brownbill ward councillor Eddy Kontelj proposed writing to state government, saying that more needed to be done to alleviate the community’s concerns.

“I’ve met with residents from The Heights estate who’ve described the issues they’re facing,” Cr Kontelj said.

“My fellow councillors and I are concerned by the situation and we hope extra steps can be taken by Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) to reduce vehicle noise levels.”

Geelong mayor Stephanie Asher thanked the residents at The Heights estate on behalf of council “for bringing their concerns to us”.

“We fully understand that loud traffic noise is causing distress and the situation needs to be investigated further,” Cr Asher said.

In 2018, the developers were assessed as having met their planning permit conditions relating to noise level controls by VicRoads (now RRV), according to council officers.

“It’s unclear if further assessments have been carried out by the developer or RRV,” a City Hall spokesperson said.

Council officers wrote to RRV this January requesting steps be taken to alleviate traffic noise.

Council’s latest letter to state government will request a fresh assessment of noise levels for The Heights Estate, and mitigation measures if the noise levels are louder than the acceptable limit.

Council will also seek confirmation that an assessment of traffic noise levels for the estate was carried out in accordance with the planning permit conditions.