Work paws purr-fect time to adopt

Cara Kirwin with Bosch, a friendly six-year-old short-haired male. (Rebecca Hosking) 206598

By Luke Voogt

Now could be the purr-fect time for long-aspiring pet-owners to add a new tabby or pooch to their family, according to Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS).

People working from home due to coronavirus concerns were in a good position to help their newly-adopted fur child acclimatise, GAWS’ Cara Irwin explained.

“It’s definitely a good opportunity if they’ve been thinking about adopting for a while, as they’re at home to settle their new pet,” she said.

But Cara urged home-bound workers not to visit local shelters on a whim, especially not if self-isolating, and to consider adoption carefully.

“They’ve got to be able to continue to care for an animal in uncertain [financial] times,” she said.

GAWS’ Feline the Love? We are! promotion saw locals adopt 97 cats at discounted rates between February 14 and March 15.

“We’re still in kitten season and we’ve got lots of kittens in care,” she said.

“Often [cats] give birth in foster care.”

While most fees have gone back to normal, tabbies who have been “residents” of GAWS for more than 100 days are still only $25 to adopt.

“Some cats have been in our care for well-and-truly more than 100 days,” Cara said.

“They just need a little bit love, time and patience to settle in.”