Geelong joins global climate strike

Geelong Climate Strike protesters.

By Luke Voogt

Environmentalists are set to gather in Johnstone Park tomorrow evening as part of the Fridays for Future global climate change strike.

“We are part of the global fight to contain the worst scenario for the planet’s climate,” said Caroline Danaher, who will speak at the event.

“The Australian government proposes a gas-led recovery from COVID-19, while pledging zero emissions by 2050.

“These are empty promises without substance to give the appearance of action. These pronouncements are full of loopholes, creative accounting and unscientific assumptions.

“The lack of concrete action since the Paris Agreement five years ago … has forced all people and especially the youth to continue to demand immediate and ambitious action from all leaders if we are to keep any sort of liveable world.”

Joining Ms Danaher to speak at the event will be Centre for Climate Safety campaign manager Anthony Gleeson and young climate change activist Neo Williams.

“Speakers will inform the public about the important local issue surrounding the proposal of a massive gas terminal in Corio Bay to expand the use of fossil fuels,” Ms Danaher said.

Musicians Genevieve Newton, Tina Thorburn and Andrew and Britt Vandenburgh, and Geelong Climate Choir will perform at the event, which runs from 5pm to 7pm.