Meet our 2019 candidates

An Australian Electoral Commission map of the electorate of Corangamite.

By Natalee Kerr

Damien Cole


If elected I will work to address the climate emergency by advocating for no new fossil fuel projects, declare a climate emergency at a federal level and advocate for 100 per cent renewable energy in Australia by 2030.

I will work to protect nature by having our Great Ocean Road and the Otways become Commonwealth National Parks.

I will also push to ensure development integrates economics, social wellbeing, and our environment equally.

We need a paradigm shift where the rights of nature are included in decision making at all levels of government.

We need a 21st century economy. An economy that invests in job retraining to transition to renewable industries and has a holistic approach that embraces our environment and social wellbeing.

I am standing for human equity by advocating for a timely and humane processing of refugees on Australian shores and meeting all United Nations foreign aid obligations.

But most importantly, I seek to be an elected community representative.

Ian Erskine Rise Up Australia Party

The Rise Up Australia party (RUAP) adds a positive dimension to your choices at this election.

We believe in a fair and just governmental system which is not merely words, but is proactive, and instrumental in being the basis of our society.

RUAP strives to retain the values that made this great nation what it is today.

Our aim which is reflected in our immigration policy, is one that protects Australia’s Judaeo/Christian values and heritage, encourages hard work and integration.

RUAP would disparage a version of multiculturalism that supports segregation, malcontent, violence and reliance on the welfare state.

RUAP seeks to be the party of reliability, stability and high standards of office.

We aim to fairly reward all hardworking Australians with a genuinely equitable tax system.

As your local member, if elected, I will work to the best of my God given abilities to serve the people of my electorate.

Libby Coker

Australian Labor Party

Since being chosen as Labor’s candidate more than a year ago, I have had the privilege of speaking with thousands of people across the Corangamite electorate.

Every day, I have been out in the community and knocking on doors. These conversations have given me great insight into what matters most to people – investing more in our schools and hospitals, taking action on climate change, and tackling the rising cost of living.

I am proud to be part of Labor’s strong, stable and united team, and if elected, I look forward to delivering our plan for a fair go for all Australians.

Mandy Grimley

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party

Mandy is 43-years-old, married with two children aged 13 and 15 and is currently studying to be a primary school teacher, which she is due to complete at the end of June 2019.

Mandy was born in Geelong and has spent most of her life living in the area. Mandy is very much all over the local issues, including improving local facilities that promote health and wellbeing and ensuring the regional towns are offered the same opportunities as their city counterparts.

Mandy has been a small business owner and has more recently worked within the health and education industries, in particular with children with disabilities.

Having been a strong advocate of the Justice Party since the beginning, Mandy is proud to be standing as a candidate for Corangamite.

Naomi Adams

Animal Justice Party

I have lived in the Corangamite district for 10 years. I am a psychologist and worked as a counsellor in community settings for many years, and more recently in private practice.

I am involved in various forms of animal and human rights and environmental advocacy.

I volunteer with the AJP Victoria Western Region group, the AJP Victorian committee, and ran as a candidate for the Bellarine ward in the 2017 Geelong council election and the 2018 Victorian state election.

The government must provide a voice for the animals. We need an independent office of animal protection, to end all live animal export and a ban on Sodium Monofluoroacetate, to prevent the torturous death of wildlife and domestic animals. I am concerned about the future of agriculture and its impact on the environment and human health and want to protect farmers by supporting them to transition to sustainable horticulture.

Neil Harvey

United Australia Party

Neil grew up in Corangamite and started his career as a tradesman. He then worked as a concreter before becoming a candidate for Corangamite.

Neil is passionate about making Corangamite an electorate for the people and creating a greener and more environmentally friendly environment.

If elected, United Australia Party (UAP) will make interest on home loans tax-deductible.

UAP will introduce a policy to give business more equity by making provisional tax payable at the end of the financial year.

UAP believe in creating more efficient ways of producing electricity such as nuclear power, which will help reduce the cost of electricity by 50 per cent.

UAP seeks to give farmers need a fair go and will start by removing the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Sarah Henderson

Liberal Party of Australia

We live in a great part of the world. That’s why I love our region – its natural and pristine environment; the community groups, surf life saving and sports clubs, the towns and communities that, together, make up the fabric of our community.

I am so proud to represent our community in Canberra and for nearly six years I have worked each and every day to deliver for our region.

We are delivering $2.85 billion on fast rail and track duplication so your travel time is shorter and there are more reliable services, more often.

We’ve announced a new defence project to be based in Geelong which means 350 new manufacturing jobs.

Together, we have achieved so much. Over 300 local projects – record investment in roads including the Great Ocean Road, community infrastructure, education and health – including a new women’s and children’s hospital.

Importantly, we are investing in protecting our environment and in conservation, particularly coastal erosion and the Bells Beach reserve.

Simon Northeast

The Greens

This election the Greens can help lead the country in a different direction towards a fairer and cleaner future for everyone. We need to act now to halt climate change and repair the damage. Our economy, our jobs and our future depends on it.

We must take immediate action and build a sustainable economy based on cheap, clean and reliable power. With Greens voices in parliament we can make this happen.

Politicians need to remember they represent the people – not themselves and their big donors. We have to restore integrity and transparency to our politics by tackling corruption and banning political donations from big corporations trying to buy influence.

The voters of Corangamite deserve world class health, properly funded public schools and free TAFE and University. Only the Greens will ensure big corporations pay their fair share of tax and fund these essential services.

This election, vote climate, vote integrity, vote Greens.


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