Dr Kylie rules

Mayor Trent Sullivan, Janne Kearney with Pumpkin, Dr Kylie Flanagan and Simone Murphy from Zoetis, sponsor of My Vet Rules. (Ivan Kemp) 378400_03

It’s official. Bannockburn veterinarian Dr Kylie Flanagan rules.

Dr Flanagan won this year’s Zoetis My Vet Rules competition designed to recognise the exceptional efforts of vets and vet nurses who go above and beyond to assist in lifechanging improvements for dogs who are affected by dermatological conditions.

One of Dr Flanagan’s patients, Pumpkin, was given a careful examination and after running tests, it was discovered she had allergies. Dr Flanagan recommended an itch injection while food and exposure trials were run.

Pumpkin is now totally relieved from her itch and has her happy face back.

“I have always grown up with animals and wanted to help them,” Dr Flanagan said.

“Growing up on a farm I saw an array of animals and was always enthralled when the vet would come out to see and treat them. And going to the vet clinic with a dog or cat was the most exciting day. I always wanted to be like these vets, helping animals in both sickness and guiding pet owners to keep pets healthy.”

Dr Flanagan said dermatology cases can be rewarding when the distress of a pet being so upset by their condition can be alleviated.

“Some dogs we see are red raw and have infected skin and are causing themselves significant damage scratching and chewing at themselves,” she said.

Pumpkin is now a different dog.

“Since treatment and through using these Zoetis drugs, we have actually been able to eliminate many causes of her itch, which in turn has meant we can rely less on the drugs, which then gives us a product to fall back on when she has break through itch,” Dr Flanagan said.