Wrestling at the Palais

Geelong wrestler Edward Dusk. (Jake Hurdle Photography) 264618_01

Ash Bolt

The Palais Theatre will hold a unique event next weekend, welcoming Melbourne-based professional wrestling organisation Deathmatch Downunder for Malice at the Palais.

The 18-plus event will feature Geelong’s own Edward Dusk challenging newly-crowned DMDU heavyweight champion Royce Chambers for the title, while fellow Geelong local Will Walker will face veteran Joel Bateman in a ‘Surf City Deathmatch’.

Deathmatch Downunder head of community engagement Erin Dick said it was pleasing to finally be able to come to Geelong for a live show after the challenges of 2020.

“We’ve been dying to get back to live shows,” she said.

“Professional wrestling in Australia is in its prime. We’re confident that we can continue to deliver compelling and safe events for our community.

“There’s no better time than now to become a fan of pro wrestling.”

Like many performing arts, the professional wrestling sector was impact by COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings.

Bateman said he was excited to again be able to perform in front of an audience.

“Professional wrestling is an amazing art form where you’re able to leave your problems at the door for a couple of hours, and immerse yourself in this alternate universe,” he said.

“We have all missed this during this pandemic, and I am so very happy to be back.

“This is an escape for us [performers and producers] as much as the people watching us perform.”

Malice at the Palais is scheduled for January 22, with doors opening at 6.30pm.

Details: bit.ly/3zRZJWh