Largest chiropractic summit is coming

Dr Sam Floreani will talk at the IN8 Summit in Geelong this weekend. (Ivan Kemp) 365761_03

By Jena Carr

The largest chiropractic seminar in the Southern Hemisphere is coming to Geelong for a weekend of fun.

The IN8 Summit will provide valuable insights into chiropractic care and holistic well-being for more than 300 attendees at the Geelong Arts Centre on October 14 and 15.

Summit co-founder Dr Sam Floreani said it was exciting to have the summit in Geelong after being held in other parts of Australia in previous years.

“The seminar is about getting back to the more holistic version of health rather than the mechanistic version of health,” he said.

“We will discuss the philosophy behind chiropractic and really talking about what’s called the innate principles or the chiropractic principles.”

Dr Floreani said the summit differed from other seminars in that he wanted everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.

“I enjoy the general vibe that the seminar is helping change the profession towards more of a holistic approach,” he said.

“I love the event wholeheartedly, but…it’s more about helping the chiropractors develop more certainty in the principles of their practice.”

Dr Floreani said he loved helping people become more comfortable with their bodies through his role as a chiropractor.

“I love how unique it is and I love helping people fall back in love with their own healing potential,” he said.

“I like to help people really find their own spark and find their own internal innate that allows them to shine for years to come.”

The IN8 Summit is one of the top four chiropractic seminars worldwide and features speakers from close to 10 countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and America.