Teagan Mitchell to run for council

Teagan Mitchell will run for City of Greater Geelong council's Charlemont ward during local government elections in October. (Ivan Kemp) 405618_09

By Jena Carr

Armstrong Creek’s Teagan Mitchell will run for a position on the City of Greater Geelong council during local government elections in October.

Ms Mitchell has announced her candidacy for council’s Charlemont ward, which encompasses Armstrong Creek, Belmont, Charlemont and Marshall.

“I’m not just someone who’s coming in trying to tell my community what they need as my job is to work with and for the community,” she said.

“Council has a vital role in ensuring we can foster positive relationships and have communities connected so that people who live here know about them.

“Our ward is incredibly diverse, and I think its strength. The people who live here are very strong and committed…and there’s lots of community groups and things to get involved in as well.”

Ms Mitchell’s said her priorities included having more childcare options for families, ensuring roads and green spaces were maintained, and Charlemont Community Hub and Armstrong Creek Pool were delivered.

“My ward has often been left behind as decisions have been made for our community by members who may or may not live in the community they represent,” she said.

“Some of the biggest concerns or things I want to address are associated with funding, like in the last 12 months with the Armstrong Creek Library, which council decided wasn’t worth opening.

“In the modern day and age, libraries are a great place for people to connect and have somewhere safe to go. It’s important that we also have a dog park here for our furry friends who live with us.”

Ms Mitchell said her choices would be backed by the community and not a personal agenda and was “more than open to be contacted” at teagan4charlemontward@gmail.com or on 0402 243 500.