Pausing through Brian’s lens

Brian Ellwood is bringing 'Moments of Pause' to Drysdale. (pictures supplied)

Acclaimed photographer Brian Ellwood is taking his latest exhibition to Drysdale.

Mr Ellwood’s ‘Moments of Pause’ opened on May 8 and will run for eight weeks at Cafe Zoo on High Street.

The curated collection of 18 canvas and framed prints invites viewers to take a moment away from the frantic pace of daily life and pause to reconnect with the real world.

Keeping with the cafe’s zoo theme, many of the photographic artworks have captured wildlife in brief moments of connection with the human behind the lens, while others reflect Mr Ellwood’s experiences of deep engagement with diverse natural and urban landscapes ranging from Melbourne’s Docklands to the sandhills of Africa.

“I’m most at home, most myself, when I’m in the bush or on the coast,” he said.

“There’s enormous peace to be found when you’re standing in a naturally beautiful place. I hope that through these images, people can feel connected to the amazing natural world around us and be inspired to get out there and be in it, enjoy it, care for it. And find that peace and pause for themselves, too.”

Mr Ellwood’s aerial study ‘Menindee Water – Planted’ came fourth in ‘Australian Photography’ magazine’s Photographer of the Year 2023 competition.

‘Moments of Pause’ reflects his personal journey as he sought out quiet moments of rest, regrowth and recovery after leaving a high-stress corporate career. The connection he experienced in 2019 when first looking directly into the eyes of a wild elephant in Namibia changed his life and has influenced his photography ever since.

While Cafe Zoo regularly displays artworks for sale, owner Marc Rodway is pleased to be hosting a full exhibition for the first time.

“I’m so excited to showcase Brian’s work in the cafe,” he said.

“The pieces he’s chosen are just stunning.”

Artworks will be on exhibit and available to purchase.