Pulling strings for kids’ show

Nic Dacomb introduces Mia Chaffey to Gruff and Dazzle. (Louisa Jones) 233407_07

By Luke Voogt

Geelong youngsters got up close and personal with party animal Gruff and the not-so-scary Dazzle in a store window puppet circus on Tuesday.

“Their little noses were pressed right up against the window,” children’s entertainer Nic Dacomb said.

The puppets have been part of Nic’s coterie for several years and their circus is one of his four activities for Storyfest in central Geelong.

“The best thing about them is I don’t have to pay them that much to perform,” he laughed.

“Gruff’s always jumping around having a great time.

“He loves to sing a song called Puppets Love to Party – he gets the kids up and dancing.

“Dazzle’s a friendly monster that sometimes tries to be scary, but kids laugh at him – he’s not really that scary.”

Nic was thrilled to have dozens of school holiday gigs booked across Geelong and the Surf Coast as the COVID-19 situation improves.

“It’s great to be doing what I love again,” he said.

Details: centralgeelong.com.au/storyfest