New convention centre reveals official logo

The Nyaal Banyul GCEC logo. (The Contenders)

The Nyaal Banyul Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCEC) now has an official logo.

State Tourism, Sport and Major Events Minister Steve Dimopolous and federal Regional Development Minister Kristy McBain announced the GCEC’s new branding today (Wednesday, February 7).

The name Nyaal Banyul, which means ‘open your eyes to the hills’, was chosen to encourage appreciation of the landscapes of Wadawurrung Country.

The design takes inspiration from the topography of the region, forming an eye “representing enlightenment and perspective” and paying homage to the culture and heritage of the Wadawurrung First Nations people.

Brand agency The Contenders created the final design in collaboration with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust and Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, seeking to both acknowledge the site’s history as a gathering place for thousands of years and celebrate the events and community gatherings that will take place there in the future.

Wadawurrung woman Corrina Eccles pointed out the GCEC’s name and logo were part of the same continually storytelling process.

“The name Nyaal Banyul encourages people to open their eyes to the hills of Wadawurrung country for these hills hold our stories, resources and our strong belonging to songs and dance,” Ms Eccles said.

“The brand tells a new story of the western cliffs of Djilang which have always been a gathering place for Wadawurrung people.”

State member for Geelong Christine Couzens welcomed the newly-revealed design.

“We’re proud to support the Nyaal Banyul Geelong Convention and Event Centre, which celebrates First Nations proud culture on Wadawurrung Country,” Ms Couzens said.

“The centre is influenced by the landscape and cultural heritage that surrounds us in Geelong/Djilang.’’

Nyaal Banyul, which will be managed by the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust, will support 1,450 jobs during construction with 700 new jobs created once opened in 2026.

The Victorian Government has contributed $423 million towards the Nyaal Banyul GCEC precinct, with the Australian Government contributing $30 million and the City of Greater Geelong $3 million.