Teens threaten boy with knives

Two knife-wielding teens allegedly threatened a 14-year-old boy in broad daylight at Westfield Shopping Centre on Tuesday, according to police.

The victim was entering Big W about 3.30pm when a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl ambushed him with the large, allegedly-stolen knives, police said.

“The two offenders have made demands of the victim who was able to run off and alert staff at the store,” a Geelong police spokesperson said.

“The two offenders have then walked from the area and out of the Westfield Shopping Centre.”

The boy and the girl stole the knives and other items from Big W earlier that day, along with chocolates, drinks and batteries from nearby stores, police alleged.

Both had also graffitied walls in the shopping centre’s public toilets, according to police.

Officers tracked down the teens as they walked through Litte Malop St Mall and arrested them outside the Geelong Advertiser office, police said.

Undercover police pinned at least one of the teens to the pavement as they handcuffed them during the central Geelong arrest.

Police charged the teens, who were both bailed with conditions not to associate with each other or enter Westfield Shopping Centre.

Members of the public and store staff were crucial in helping officers make a quick arrest, the police spokesperson said.

“Due to the swift actions of the staff at Big W and the assistance of the community, police were able to make a quick arrest following the incident.

“We would like to thank the community for their assistance and support during this incident.”

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