Fire danger period declared for Golden Plains


Ash Bolt

The Golden Plains Shire will be the first in the region to enter the fire danger period, with the CFA declaring restrictions will come into force from December 13.

The CFA declared the start of shire’s fire danger period this week, based on the fire risk, rainfall and local conditions.

It will run until May.

During a fire danger period, residents are unable to light a fire in the open air unless they have a permit or comply with certain requirements.

Along with the declaration, the Golden Plains Shire’s fire hazard inspection program has been busy, issuing 275 fire prevention notices to properties that were deemed fire hazards.

The majority of the non-compliant properties are currently vacant or unoccupied, and owners have until Sunday to address the fire risks.

The shire will begin the second round of fire hazard inspections on Monday.

If an extension has not be granted and works have not been conducted, owners risk a $1817 infringement notice and council organising a contractor to complete the works at an additional cost.

In October, council began its own fire prevention works, starting the annual roadside slashing program of all sealed roads and strategic fire breaks to reduce fuel loads.

The shire is expecting to slash another 470 kilometres of roadsides in the lead up to the Christmas period.

This year, the shire is trialling a program to slash unsealed roadsides deemed suitable by its environment and sustainability team.

The shire also burns off selected reserves to remove fire hazards. This program started in the drier south of the shire before moving north, with the program to be completed by Christmas.

Details on the fire danger period:

Ash Bolt