Music to blow through town

Phil Cameron at the ready for the Geelong Memorial Brass Band at the Portarlington Rotunda. (Jena Carr) 399232_01

By Jena Carr

The Brass Band Concert Series at the Rotunda is returning to Portarlington for a day of toe-tapping and head-bobbing music.

Geelong Memorial Brass Band will play two hour-long concerts on top of the Portarlington Rotunda at 57 Newcomb Street from 11am to 2pm on April 6.

Portarlington Community Information Booth organised the concert series, and president Phil Cameron said the upcoming event was the third of four free community concert days.

“We have two performances, one at 11am, one at 1pm. We have a marquee for people who need and are seeking shelter the forecourt, but the music is all up and down the streets,” he said.

“The most important thing is that people enjoy it, and the weather, thankfully, is going to be good… You get a whole range of contemporary type music that appeals to a wide audience.

“It’s all about making North Bellarine, in particular, Portarlington, a place to come to visit and possibly live… This is a very interconnected town and area where people help each other.

“The building was built in 1910 and it was specifically designed as a bandstand… We are really grateful that we have this facility, and we’ve been able to use it for what it was intended as.”

The previous concert series included performances by Beaufort Municipal Brass Band on February 17 and Belmont High School on March 24.

The last concert of the series will be performed by the Christian College Geelong Brass Band on Sunday, April 21, at 11am and 1pm.