A dance class with a difference

Karen and Jose Garrido-Palacios (Ivan Kemp) 277890_07

Ash Bolt

The Geelong Ballroom Dance Club is trying a new approach to get more people dancing, by putting the focus on the men.

The club is hoping to get men who’ve avoided taking dancing lessons out of embarrassment to take up a free six-week course.

Club president Alan Anstis said the idea was to get the men confident in their abilities before bringing in the women.

“We’ve found men are more hesitant to take up dancing and a lot of it is because they’re not confident,” he said.

“When I started, I thought I had two left feet like most men do, but all it takes is some practice.

“We’re hoping by having lessons for just men will take the pressure off them and they can learn the correct posture and everything else so they’re ready to lead when their partners.”

Committee member Dawn Bagshaw said the classes were “win-win”.

“Every woman wants to learn how to ballroom dance but men have to lead the woman, so having that confidence is very helpful,” she said.

“We’re hopeful it will get more people dancing – we see a lot of older people but we’re missing out on people in that 20-40 age bracket that we’re hopeful will take up dancing.

“It’s a lot of fun and a really good social activity that also provides good exercise, so we just want to see some more people give it a try.”

The classes, led by experienced instructor and dancer Jose Garrido-Palacios, start from 6.30pm on Thursday, May 5 at The Ballroom in Hamlyn Heights.

Anyone interested can contact Alan on 0403 704 035 to register.

Ms Bagshaw said the club was also looking at a similar course designed for women.