Drawing ‘Caricatures in Blue’

David Seery, pictured drawing a caricature of Independent photographer Ivan Kemp, will do 'Caricatures in Blue' from December 2 to raise money for Beyond Blue. (Ivan Kemp) 375645_12

By Jena Carr

A Geelong caricature artist is offering free black and white drawings for Christmas in a quest to raise money for men’s mental health.

David Seery will begin his ‘Caricatures in Blue’ events at 10am on Saturday, December 2, at Feed Me Bellarine at 24 Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove.

Mr Seery said he would conduct free drawings at selected locations around Geelong until Christmas and was a “passionate advocate for men’s mental health”.

“The thing was to put a smile on people’s faces over Christmas after the year we’ve had and there’s people out there doing it hard, so that’s why I’ve started at Feed Me Bellarine,” he said.

“Everyone deserves to feel happy and supported within themselves. We all need some laughter and, at times, a moment of distraction to break the hold that depression and anxiety can have over us.

“I’d like to raise as much money towards donations for Beyond Blue…with this being the first year I’ve done it, and I’d like to do make it an annual event.”

Mr Seery said he had experienced down times when he needed support to navigate what was happening and loved making people happy through his work.

“I think it’s really important that we need organisations like Beyond Blue to educate and support people,” he said.

“Having a blank piece of paper and then within three minutes drawing someone’s caricature, they’re pretty blown away.”

Visit davidseery.com for more information or check out his Facebook page, facebook.com/davidseerycaricatures, to follow his free caricature journey around Geelong.

People can help Mr Seery raise money for Beyond Blue at fundraise.beyondblue.org.au/caricaturesinbluebydavidseery