Is your workplace lotto syndicate safe?

Keep the dream alive and safeguard your lotto syndicate.


HOW safe do you think your work’s lotto syndicate is?

Are you sure you’d get your fair share if your numbers came up?

Workers across Geelong are less than certain following this week’s extraordinary claims that Lara man Gary Baron should have split his $16.7 million Powerball winnings with his workplace syndicate partners.

The issue came to a head in the Supreme Court today when syndicate members won the right to find out just who won the cash in the October 2014 draw.

So just what is the best way to safeguard your potential winnings?

Well, according to Tatts, when taking part in a syndicate, syndicate team members should ask their lottery retailer for a Syndicate Share Ticket.


“This means each syndicate team member will receive one ticket per syndicate share they have purchased, ensuring they can check their results and collect any share of the winnings they may receive,” a Tatts spokesperson told the Independent.

If customers choose run their own syndicate Tatts recommends they should remember four key points:

  1. Choose someone as the group leader. The group leader will be in charge of organising who’s in the group, how much everyone is  putting in and importantly buying the entry.
  2. Record all the names of who is in the group. A syndicate template is available on
  3. Decide how much everyone is putting in. It could be $5; it could be $10 or even $20. Once the money is collected, purchase an entry that suits your budget.
  4. Register your syndicate to a Tatts Card.

Additionally Tatts advised all lottery players to become a member of the Tatts Card program to enable them to register their entries.


For a small annual fee, Tatts Card membership ensures that winners do not miss out on their prizes and in the event that a player wins a division one prize Tatts will phone them to give the good news.


Further details on syndicates available can be found here