Buckets & Bouquets

Bouquets to Tony and everyone concerned with demolishing an old house at Lara. A terrible eyesore has gone at last.
Helen, Lara

Bouquets to a man who raised his voice during a Stand Up hip-hop performance at Geelong Performing Arts Centre, saying: “I was having a good view until people started standing and blocking me out”. The show had a message for you: respect. We didn’t mean to obstruct your view.
Enjoyed The Show, Port Melbourne

Bouquets to Newcomb Secondary College’s senior band for its splendid Anzac Day performance at Ocean Grove. The college must be so proud of its talented students and is so lucky to have two excellent band leaders.
Proud Nan, Newcomb

Buckets to an abusive idiot who pranged into mum’s car at the Pakington Strand Woolworths car park then violently blamed her for parking crookedly. The idiot towered over her, saying: “Well, what did you expect”. She was shaking when she got home. Bouquets to mum, a blessing to our family.
Disgusted, Newtown

Buckets to a fresh produce vendor who asked an elderly woman haemorrhaging from a leg injury after a fall to move on because she was leaving blood outside the shop. She then insisted the victim’s companions clean up the mess as they awaited an ambulance.
Very Sad, Corio

Buckets to Bob Thompson (Letters, 16 May). If you have the solution to the city’s parking woes, why didn’t you stand for mayor? At least with free parking on the weekend the city shopping precinct is now full.
Stop Whining, Geelong

Bouquets to Australian Croatian Association Geelong, particularly Tom and Alana and all the staff for their wonderful service during our recent 60th wedding anniversary. We greatly appreciated your efforts and were so glad we had our function at your venue.
F and M, Bell Post Hill

Buckets to a charity collector who banged on my door on Sunday. I asked whether he could knock louder. He said some elderly people couldn’t hear him. He said a few more things and was still going on as he left. He was also rude to others in my court.
Kids Missed Out, Geelong West

Buckets to Bill Shorten for bad-mouthing Tony Abbott. Has everyone forgotten that Labor got the country into this mess? We should help reduce Labor’s massive debt, not stand with our hands out saying, “Gimme”.
Worried Voter, Norlane

Bouquets to Karen and Michael of Ray White Corio. They were polite, courteous professionals who gave an honest appraisal of my home.
Robert, Corio

Buckets to neighbours. I also received a nasty letter about my dogs barking (Buckets & Bouquets, 16 May). The letter was cowardly, left overnight, and full of aggressive language. My dogs are inside day and night. They are 11 years old and do nothing but sleep.
Offended, Ocean Grove

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