DJ to spin lessons learnt hard way

Jane Emerick
DJ Nino Brown has always loved hiphop music.
But it was more than love that brought the Sydney man from making mix tapes for his friends to spinning alongside internationally known artists such as JayZ, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Kelis, Ja Rule, Ashanti, PDiddy and more.
Nino says it was a long road of hard work.
“Every aspect of the music industry is tough but I’ve just released a new CD and I’ve been working my way up the DJ food chain,” says the hiphop specialist.
“There was a time I was playing different clubs in Sydney. Now I could be in Melbourne one night, Tasmania the next and then on to Alice Springs.”
Nino says the opportunity to tour Australia with such big names has helped him grow as a DJ.
“Jay Z is such a legend,” he gushes.
“Just being around him, I’ve learnt a lot. On a tour like that I learn so much about the showman side of it.
“I made a point of watching every act and seeing how they do their show night after night.”
Nino plans to bring some of his hardlearnt showmanship skills to the stage in Geelong tomorrow night.
“It’s going to be crazy,” he laughs.
“Crazy, 100 per cent.”
DJ Nino Brown plays at Statik Nightclub tonight.

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