TAC hits social media

The TAC's Vanessa bus visits Geelong.

The TAC is using a ground-breaking Facebook integration to capture the attention of young people, by placing the user in the driver’s seat of a road trip that ends in disaster.

Road Trip Forever features two online short films that integrate the user and their best friend’s Facebook profiles, to send a powerful message.

Both films are shot from a first-person point of view, taking you and your best friend on a road trip to a music festival, with disastrous results.

One of the films highlights for young women the dangers of smart phones on the road, while the other film shows young men the potentially tragic consequences of speeding.

TAC CEO Janet Dore said the Road Trip Forever films were being shared on social media as part of the TAC’s strategy for young people to absorb road safety messages in their own domain.

“Young people attending music festivals or taking road trips together can be a greater risk of road trauma because of the potential for distractions and impaired driving.

“Road Trip Forever engages these people with a road safety message with a familiar theme that will resonate with them– heading off for the music festival road trip.

“We know music festivals are a time for fun and partying, but Road Trip Forever is a powerful reminder to young people that the party can’t happen on the roads – the potential consequences are just too devastating,” Ms Dore said.

She said while long-term gains were being made with the road toll, young people continued to be over-represented in road trauma.

“Road Trip Forever is engaging young people in their own environment and if you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to seek it out online and send it to someone you love,” Ms Dore said.

18 – 25 year olds remain vastly over-represented in road safety statistics; accounting for just 11.5% of licence holders, yet 22% of all driver deaths on our roads.

To take the road trip go to roadtripforever.com.au.

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