Hulsman is dead set to tour album

ON THE ROAD: Geelong's Tim Hulsman and Nina Grant.

By Sam Brimacombe

A gardening job at a deceased estate has become a dive into the music industry for Geelong’s Tim Hulsman.
He told the Independent the odd job provided the inspiration for his new album and its title track, both set to officially launch next month.
“We had to make it look as if people lived there (the deceased estate) and we worked up this idea that there was a ghost in the house watching us and we were working for a dead man, in his garden,” Hulsman explained.
“We started getting the heebie-jeebies when we went to this place.
“We always said it would be a great name for a song, Dead Man’s Garden, so I went home one night and wrote it.”
Hulsman said he had been writing songs since he was 16.
“I’ve always had an interest in being as original as possible but also giving credit to where my influences come from.
“I love that real acoustic-based folk stuff and I’m just really interested in telling a story.”
Hulsman described Dead Man’s Garden as full of classic blues, folk and country songs, with slide guitar and haunting acoustics as well as a nod to his rock and roll roots.
“This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”
Hulsman said the album was a product of his work with producer Tristen Bird, with whom he developed an instant rapport after meeting at a gig.
Hulsman’s partner, Nina Grant, was also crucial with her support and vocals on the album, he said.
A distribution deal and backing for a tour were now sending him on the road around Australia to promote the album.
Hulsman said he would launch Dead Man’s Garden at Beav’s Bar on 4 July, with support acts Luke Legs and Famous Will.