Springs to get ”a new beach”

Andrew Mathieson
CLIFTON Springs is set for a new beach, according to the town’s councillor.
The plan involves moving a car park at the cliff off Beacon Point Drive to construct a walking path running east to the foreshore.
Residents had their say on the plan during City Hall’s public exhibition of a Clifton Springs coastal management plan.
Cr Tom O’Connor said a Beacon Point beach was still at an “evolutionary” stage but he considered it a necessity.
“This is certainly foremost in my own mind, I can tell you, to make sure we do get a decent beach, especially with the anticipated growth,” he said.
Residential development is set to expand at a Jetty Road growth area west of Clifton Springs to accommodate more than 8000 people in 3300 dwellings over the next 25 years.
Cr O’Connor expected foreshore works to run east from the proposed residential development toward the proposed new beach and existing foreshore area.
“When you look at the urban growth plan for Jetty Road, from the water’s edge for the residential development, there’s a fair bit of beach that’s going to be exposed there,” he said.
“It will definitely open up a new beach – there’s no question about that.”
Cr O’Connor said the biggest concern would be meeting the demands of increased car parking.
City Hall closed an access road to Clifton Springs’ iconic beachfront at the Dell five years ago amid fears of landslides.
Council replaced access to the beach with a steep walking trail, which users have labelled a “goat track”.
“The access road to the Dell is an issue that won’t go away,” Cr O’Connor said.
“We’ve opened it but the elderly people and mums with prams are having difficulty with the walk.
“One day, though, we will have access to it.”