Plans for market and museum at Rose site

Karen Hart
THE operator of North Geelong’s Mill Markets wants to set-up shop on the site of Jan Juc’s Rose Restaurant.
Ian Ballis said his plan had the support of the owner of the 18-hectare site and the operators of the restaurant.
“They think it’s great,” he said.
“The plans are in the early development stage but I’m also looking at purchasing 16 hectares acres of land up for sale next to the site.
“The owner of the Rose has also indicated to me he might be willing to sell the venue, in which case that would also be an option, as would leasing some of the land at the site to build a Mill Markets and surf culture museum.”
Mr Ballis said he would meet Surf Coast Shire officials this week to discuss his development plans.
Rose Restaurant spokesperson Andrew Mackey said the tenants backed the concept.
Mr Mackey said the market and museum would “complement” the venue and bring more visitors through its doors.
“Anything that brings people to the area is welcomed,” he said.
“We fully support the concept, although it’s in the early stages and no planning application has been lodged. At the moment we’re waiting to hear back from Mr Ballis and then we’ll go from there.”
Site and restaurant owner Pier Loren was “open to discussion” on selling the business and would welcome a proposal to rent land for a market and museum.
But Mr Loren said he would only consider selling or leasing to Mr Ballis after Victorian Civil and Adminis-rative Tribunal had approved his application to add 94 units, a convention centre and a day spa to the site.
“I told (Mr Ballis) he could go ahead and get the permit only after the result of my VCAT result,” he said.
Last week Surf Coast Shire Mayor Rose Hodge said she welcomed Mr Ballis’s plan to set-up shop in Torquay.