Geelong hub of pre-election promises

Alex de Vos
Labor yesterday pledged a sports academy and a new $1 million Northern Community Hub for Geelong.
The facilities capped a week of pre-election promises for the region from both major political parties.
Member for Geelong Ian Trezise said Labor would put $80,000 toward the academy if the Bracks Government was re-elected.
He said the academy would give local elite athletes access to high-quality facilities, coaching and sports education.
Minister for Victorian Communities John Thwaites said the community hub would provide a “lively” centre for people in the northern suburbs.
Labor politicians earmarked the former DW Hope Migrant Hostel for the new centre.
In other election promises, Labor has also pledged $3 million for a continuous park along the Barwon River from Buckley Falls to Barwon Heads.
The Liberal party pledged $100,000 for a study on duplicating Queen’s Park Bridge.
Candidate for South Barwon Micahel King said the duplication would be a boon to traffic flow in Highton and Newtown.
“Congestion at the Shannon Avenue roundabout is ridiculous, with cars crawling at a snails pace from Fyans Street to the roundabout during peak times,” Mr King said.
The Liberals also pledged to connect natural gas to Barwon Heads houses that missed out under a Labor promise before the last election.