Dunes to be fenced

Jane Emerick
New fences will block men trying to meet for sex in dunes at Point Impossible.
Executive officer David Clarke said Great Ocean Road Coast Committee would install the fences as well as keep-out signs to stop environmental damage.
Mr Clarke said the committee, which manages Surf Coast foreshore areas, wanted to “minimise recreation” in the dunes at Point Impossible.
“There are significant native species, birds and reptiles in those areas, Mr Clarke said.
“I know (the dunes) have a colourful past but we want to protect them.”
The fence and signs plan follows public debate about removing Point Impossible’s clothing-optional status after allegations of deviant behaviour in the area.
Mr Clarke said the committee had begun work on restoring the dunes.
The work would continue for the next couple of months.
“We’ll be putting up signs to remind people to stay out of the dunes as well as fences at the beach access points to deter people from heading off the coast,” he said.
“We’re also closing an informal car park and beach access point at Point Impossible.”
The president of Free Beaches Australia, which has fought to keep Point Impossible’s clothing-optional status, said she had no problems with closing access to the dunes.
Anita Grigg said legitimate nudists were not using the beach for sex.
But Ms Grigg warned that fences would not stop anyone determined to access the dunes.
“I think we need regular policing there to enforce the rules” she said.
“I’m all for a fence, though. Anything like that it positive for us.”
A Sands golf course employee, who works at a depot adjacent to Point Impossible, told the Independent last month that he and workmates had witnessed people illegally entering the dunes.
Nathan Bennett said the workers would often see up to 30 cars in the parking area but no one on the beach.
“It’s mostly single men and they often just sit in their cars and wait…then they just walk all over the native vegetation in the dunes,” Mr Bennett said.

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