Churches go to war in a test of strength

Which is Geelong’s strongest faith?
The answer might be revealed at Geelong’s inaugural Inter-Church Tug of War Competition tomorrow.
Bell Post Hill’s Covenant College will run the test of strength as part of its annual spring fair.
A dozen churches have registered teams for battle, with at least two women in each.
Co-organiser Corrie Bekker expected spectators to find some of the competitors surprisingly formidable for church-goers.
“We do have some large anchor women – and men,” Ms Bekker said.
“But there’s some pretty lightweight ones, too, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.”
The showdown was shaping as no simple laughing matter, Ms Bekker noted.
“The churches are certainly taking it seriously,” she said.
“Everyone has to submit their weight and it’s all regulated by the Australian tug-of-war championships. We’re doing it properly.
“We even have people coming from New South Wales and Gippsland to adjudicate.”
Sponsors have put up $2000 for the winner, $1000 for the runners-up and $500 for third place.
The churches will use the money on programs or causes of their choice.
Ms Bekker hoped the novel appeal of the event would turn it into an annual date on the church calendar, attracting entries from further afield.
“It’s certainly something different for the churches,” she said.
“It’s not your usual chocolate drive.”
Heats will run 11am to midday, with finals from 1pm.