‘Mad’ pair back together

OLD PALS: Adam Harvey returns to Geelong with longtime mate Beccy Cole to rock the Gateway Hotel.

By Luke Voogt

Leopold-born-and-bred rocker Adam Harvey returns to Geelong this month with longtime friend and fellow country star Beccy Cole.
“She’s as mad a bloody cut snake, but I must be too. I think that’s why we get along so well,” he said this week.
Harvey remembers rocking Cole’s then-baby son to sleep as she cut loose on stage.
“Years later, I’ve got a couple of kids of my own and that baby boy is 18 years old,” he said.
Cole has won nine Golden Guitars and had turbulent life, including two divorces and coming out as gay in 2012.
“I’ve been her friend through a lot of the turmoils and drama,” Harvey said.
“I can see it on stage that she’s really happy now.”
Harvey and Cole embarked on their 10th Australian tour together midway through 2017.
“She’s the best entertainer I’ve ever seen on stage – it’s hard work just trying to keep up with her and guess what she’s going to do next.”
Harvey was looking forward to returning for a “wild night“ at the Gateway Hotel on 27 April, one of the tour’s last stops.
“She’s come a long way the old Gateway,” he said.
“You wouldn’t go near the joint once upon a time. Fingers crossed we’ll have them swinging from the rafters again.
“Hopefully we can make the crowd forget about all the crap in the world and their dramas, and if we can do that, we’re doing our job.”
He was also thrilled to see old friends and family and how Leopold had changed.
“I can’t believe it – it’s grown into a bloody city of its own,” he said.
“Mum still lives out there – she’ll be at the show.”
His parents were the reason he got into music, he explained.
“Mum and dad used to brainwash me with country music and drive me to all the different talent quests.“
His mum would watch him play with Geelong cover bands while his late dad used to “sit out the back with the musicians drinking”.
Harvey gave up earthmoving about two decades ago to chase his music dreams in Sydney, with his then-pregnant partner.
“If you wanted a career in country music you had to move to Sydney,” he said.
“My friends said ‘you’ve given up your job, what’s wrong with you?’”
He enjoyed earthmoving, but it was his old boss gave him “that little push” he needed.
“He said to me ‘you can only serve on master – you can’t do both half hearted,’” he said.
The decision paid off – Harvey has won eight Golden Guitars since.
“I’ve just been lucky that’s all,” he said. “I’ve got the best job in the world.”

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