Sam and Cam: No fling, just a long lunch …

'GROUPIE': Sam Armytage

GEELONG TV host Sam Armytage has rejected talk of a romance brewing with Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet after a “groupie” tweet and a five-hour dinner with the star.

The Sunrise host was grilled on-screen by her colleagues about her meeting with Stonestreet, rejecting any talk of him being gay and telling them to keep their noses out of her off-screen affairs.

Co-host of the Seven network morning show, David Koch – scheduled to visit Geelong on Wednesday as mayor for the day – teased her mercilessly.

“Can I say publicly that Samantha has denied any allegations of a romance …. It was just a five-hour lunch,” he badgered her.

Armytage last month tweeted: “@sam_armytage: I know I sound like a complete groupie but I REALLY want to meet @ericstonestreet while hes in Australia.”

“Lets organize this,” Stonestreet responded before the pair met up at Sydney’s Chiswick restaurant.

Armytage hit back good-humouredly at Kochie’s attempts to extract information about the date.

“No I’m not going to tell you, it’s none of your business,” she jousted back.

“It was lunch, it was fine, it was lovely.”

As for the high gay role Stonestreet plays as Modern family’s Cameron Tucker, Armytage said: “He’s definitely not gay in real life.”

NOT GAY: Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet
NOT GAY: Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet