Jeff heading for home

GUITAR HERO: Jeff Lang is coming back to Geelong with songs from his new album.


Jeff Lang hopes to tap into the energy of his hometown supporters when he makes a one-stop visit to Geelong this month.
The renowned blues and roots guitarist will perform songs from new album I Live In My Head A Lot These Days at Beav’s Bar on 20 July.
Lang said he had been on his “merry way, making records and travelling” since leaving Geelong to build his music career.
With 15 albums and three ARIAs under his belt, the now-Melbourne-based Lang said he would be happy to be back “playing in the old stomping ground”.
“My parents still live in town and I’m hoping to catch up with some buddies,” he told the Independent.
“I still have a decent connection with people in Geelong. The guy who makes my amplifiers is still here.
Lang said his Geelong audience could expect a “good portion” of songs from his new record.
“There’s a lot of room for exploring on some of the songs – we’ll be looking to do a lot of that.
“A lot of what happens is dependent on the energy in the room. The audience brings a lot to the table – it’s always been great to perform in Geelong.”
Lang was also looking forward to catching up with old friends.
“There are always some pals I hope will come along.”
Lang said Queenscliff blues artist Alister Turrill would be his support act in Geelong, while Danny McKenna and Tim Keegan would back him on drums and bass respectively.
He credited a friend for the title of the new album.
“I was having a Facebook chat with a buddy who often comes out with angular statements and phrases and he threw that one in and said, ‘So there’s your new album title’.
“He should give me an album title with every discussion,” Lang laughed.
Reflecting on his music, Lang described himself as “the boy who fell in love with sound”.
“I love getting involved and getting among it. It’s almost like OCD (obsessive-complusive disorder).”
Lang said a collaboration album was his next goal.
“Bobby Singh and I did a collab’ with some Rajasthani musicians last year – Mick Jagger was in the audience,” he revealed.
“We made a recording and we’re going to mix that – I’ll be looking into getting that album finished.”
Lang was impressed with how his hometown had changed over the years, particularly its waterfront area.
“It’s nice to see that they’ve improved it. It’s a really nice place for people to visit now.
“Geelong’s always been a good joint – good for food, too. I spend a lot of late-night post-gig activity at Wood Oven Pizza – it’s still good, always been dependable.”