FINALLY FRIDAY: A Stache of music

DJ: Sarah Armstrong at the keyboard.


SARAH Armstrong’s computer crashed after making her second EP as Von Stache but the committed electronic artist accepted the loss with optimism.
“I’m glad it did because I had to make it again and it sounds so much better than it did before,” Armstrong said encouragingly.
The electro-pop artist’s Sandbox Love EP had a “fresh sound” that surpassed previous recordings due to that zealous commitment, she said.
“I’ve learnt more about what sounds good with what. I don’t think this CD sounds like anything that I’ve ever heard.”
Von Stache has received local and national radio airplay in recent years, including winning a 2011 Triple J competition for Roman Kingsmill (Italian Richard Kingsmill Remix).
Armstrong discovered electronic music while enrolled in a Diversitat music engineering course following years of playing in bands.
“I thought I wanted to do something completely different. I still listen to all of that stuff but I just thought everything was kind of starting to sound the same,” she explained.
Her rock, indie and punk inspirations including the likes of Brand New, Modest Mouse, Elliot Smith and Against Me!, were evident to dance music afficianados in Von Stache’s unique sound, she said.
“People have said to me after hearing my stuff, ‘You don’t listen to this kind of music much do you? It’s structured differently’,” she laughed.
Armstrong said her steady electro beats combined with catchy melodies were “more fun to play” than rock music.
“I’ll write it on guitar then put it into the computer and record it all in my room. My lyrics are kind of sad but the music is happier.
“It’s good to see people dancing and enjoying it.”
Von Stache will launch her Sandbox Love EP on 29 June at the Barwon Club Hotel, with support from indie rock band Pretty City.
“I’m organising dancers as well to do funny dances on stage while I play and I’m going to organise a Von Stache drink for the night,” Armstrong enthused.