Bearing arms to fight cancer

Erin Pearson
LARA Sporting Club will tackle its toughest opponent yet this month – cancer.
The club is the first in the region to sign up to Cancer Council’s Call To Arms campaign.
The campaign aims to raise awareness of men’s cancer.
Club spokesman Peter Shannahan said cancer had affected friends and family of many of the clubs 2000 members.
“Everyone knows someone directly or indirectly affected by cancer,” he said.
“I have a brother-in-law who battled leukaemia, some female friends who passed away from breast cancer and a number nephews and uncles with prostate cancer.”
Shannahan said the club’s annual Lindsay Gillett Cup fundraiser this weekend with St Mary’s Football Club would raise funds for the campaign.
“The Lindsay Gillett luncheon and Cup was already on our agenda and working in with the Call To Arms campaign seemed like a good, common sense fit,” he said.
“It really is a worthwhile day and we’re looking forward to raising money again this year.”
Club legend Lindsay ‘Slugger’ Gillett died from cancer aged 40 after begining his senior football career with Geelong in the early 1970’s.
In the mid ‘70s the left-footer returned to his childhood home to play for Lara before moving to St Mary’s in 1981.
Cancer Council spokesperson Irene Manitta urged other sport clubs to register.
“Compared to women, Australian men are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer and are more likely to die from the disease,” she said.
“The statistics are scary – we all know someone who has been affected by cancer but there are things we can do to change them.
“By getting your team involved by wearing a yellow armband and raising funds we can help save men’s lives.”
Cancer Council aims to recruit 2500 clubs and raise $1 million throughout 2010.

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