FINALLY FRIDAY: Mornings for Love

AUSSIE GIRL: Veteran Australian entertainer Jacqui Love is looking forward to playing GPAC next week.

THERE’S no audience like an Aussie audience, in singer and dancing star Jackie Love’s mind.
The internationally-successful Australian told the Independent she was looking forward to choosing slightly different programs for her “straight-forward” Aussie crowds after recent touring in Europe and America.
“Aussies really know what they feel. They say what they mean and they mean what they say,” Love mused.
“I’ve been working in America a lot and they are very polite and nice. The English are a little more reserved but Aussies are really vocal.”
Love said she was planning a mix of songs from a range of genres for Geelong Performing Arts Centre’s Musical Mornings on Wednesday and Thursday.
She would draw on her decades of singing, musicals, television, and radio appearances since rising to international fame as a young guest star with Sammy Davis Jnr.
Love’s musical theatre credentials include starring in Singing in the Rain opposite Todd McKenney and in Dancing Man with David Atkins.
Recording and performing the music from three CDs featuring the song-writing of Siobhan Cruise has also kept Love busy in recent years.
“I specifically choose songs that get people hearts and mean something really special,” Love said.
“All the music I like to sing means something and tells stories. It’s very satisfying.”
Love is certainly well-practised at adapting her program to suit an audience, having learnt songs in 11 languages throughout her time on the road.
“I started by singing in Italian and French because I learnt them at school, then as I went to each country I learnt a song that was popular in that country,” she explained.
“I’ve found some beautiful songs and it gets a lovely response. Music is a universal language and when you sing a song that has deep meaning – people respond to that.”
Love expected a “friendly” and “intimate” atmosphere during the morning concerts than at larger shows.
“We’ll have little chats. I’ll talk about my life and the music that’s important to me.
“I definitely want everybody to bring their singing voices along so I’m not the only one singing!”